If You’re an Empath, You Must Try This Self-Care Regimen.

If You’re an Empath, You Must Try This Self-Care Regimen.

If you are highly sensitive to other peoples emotions and energy, you may want to add this to your list of self-care.

For as long as I can remember, I have always been sensitive to others emotions and energy, as well as, sounds, smells, tones, lights, and even facial expressions can overwhelm me. I am most definitely an Empath.

One thing that I do to help relax my mind when feeling over stimulated and unable to relax is shower in the dark. Yes, in the dark.

If I feel very overwhelmed and over stimulated, even the slightest bit of light can keep me from being able to relax. If you can relate, you know how terrible it feels to have tense muscles all the time. And that is just one of the symptoms.

So if you’re like me, an Empath, try taking a hot shower in the dark.

  1. Turn off the lights. If you have a hall light or a diffuser that omits light that isn’t too much for you, go ahead and turn it on.
  2. Start the shower! By the time you are prepped, your shower will be hot and ready.
  3. Get your towels, cloths, clothes, blue-tooth speaker (water-proof preferred), lotion, essential oils, diffuser, and a bath bomb (for a long bath afterwards).
  4. If you like to listen to calming and relaxing music, you can either turn it on before your shower or when you are filling up the tub for that hot bath.
  5. Keep a towel next to the tub to dry your hands in case you need to change the volume or music. Do not answer calls, emails, or texts. This is YOUR time.
  6. Take your shower! Take as long as you want. Wash the day and stimuli away with each sudsy stroke. This is also the time to shave. Do not wait until your bath to shave. Yikes. You don’t want to soak in what you just washed and shaved off, do you?
  7. If you are wanting to take a bath after your dark shower, I recommend waiting to fill the tub until your shower is completely over. Time to turn the shower off.
  8. As your tub is filling with water, take this time to open up your bath bomb or essential oils.
  9. Rest your head, inhale the scents around you, breathe and listen to the music/sounds you have playing.
  10. When you are done, you know what to do.

I hope you are able to find relief with this dark shower/bath regimen. I find it to be the most relaxing thing I do. Even being a wife and mother of 4 children, I am able to find time to do this a minimum of once a week and usually it isn’t until 10pm.

Take time for yourself. Self-care is so important.

Let us know what ways you are able to relax. Do you shower in the dark?


Transformation Sequel – Good-bye & Hello

Transformation Sequel – Good-bye & Hello

Good-bye, Afraid. Good-bye, Ashamed.

Tonight I have learnt something really cool and exciting about myself. I have transformed spiritually, mentally and emotionally; truly getting to know (and love) myself. I dont care what others think of me. The cross has set me free. Another chain down. Another step in healing and learning my identity in Christ. Pretty exciting, right? Well, let me explain how I came to this realization and a new found..ME.

Its Friday. Its cold. Its December.

*interruptions begin*

As I write this, my sister is complaining about it being 11:17pm and she has to work at 10am tomorrow morning. Typical.

I can’t even talk, think or write at the moment. Trying to discuss the above paragraph with them has been completely turned and redirected to something I am not even talking about. Completely misunderstanding what I’m trying to say.

*An hour later and without interruptions*

And just like He promises, He will never leave or forsake you. I was finally understood.


The post above has been saved as a draft since 2017.

Transformation takes time. I remember that night. Another night explaining my transformation and feeling like I’m not being fully understood.

When you hear someone giving God praise, it’s not because the Lord answered their prayer right away or because they are being boastful. No, friends, (because of their faithfulness and obedience to an understanding, forgiving, and loving Father) they are seeing true, undenying transformation in their lives.

Transformation takes time. I no longer feel misunderstood, and if I am, that’s okay. It is now 2019 and it feels like that draft was saved years and years ago. The transformation that has taken place since then is ridiculously beautiful. Humbling. I’m beyond thankful. When you say good-bye to those chains, you see the beauty that was created along the way; a transformed you.

He hasn’t forgotten or left me.

Neither has He left you – –

– – now say, “Hello,” to Beautiful.

– Her

CLICK on “Hello”



This is how I know they had a GREAT day!

I am so blessed. Truly. I had another amazing conversation with Landon tonight, my 10 year old. So powerful.

I’m so thankful for being able to see myself as the woman I am. The ways God has (and continues to!) morphe me since 2015 is absolutely outrageous! ❤️ Humility is a beautiful thing and it is how we develop. I can’t imagine being too afraid to speak of my trials because then no one would be able to SEE, not just hear and be told, how GREAT GOD IS! Your perspectives change (not all at once but in His time, when you’re ready), you start feeling JOY again, you’re able to see people as a LIVING PERSON and empathize with others before even thinking of passing some sort of judgment, you LEAD YOUR CHILDREN by an EXAMPLE that you are 100 percent confident in because you’re not being lead by your flesh but by SPIRIT, your seeds FINALLY take root because the soil they have fell upon is GOOD, you notice that you your home is more in order because YOU are no longer harboring internal chaos, you figure out what the real desires of your heart are, and you realize that your life does HAVE PURPOSE when you truly, sincerely, and genuinely walk with the Lord. He knows your heart! You can’t fool him! 💜 Thank you, Jesus! And for giving me an incredible husband to experience all of this with and to just grow in the Lord and in purpose with!

I don’t make excuses anymore. I face my problems head on. As soon as I told God I was ready to start tearing down my strongholds, in 2015, it’s been one chain, one stronghold after the other – GONE, UNBOUND, UPROOTED. And He isn’t finished with me yet!! Some valleys were longer and deeper than others, some far more painful but the outcome of that pain is beauty! It’s strength, love, identity, purpose, knowledge, wisdom, joy, happiness, and so so so much more!

When I was in my last season which was preparing my soil, there were so many trials. Within the last week, I have FELT a few of my seeds take ROOT in that soil I churned up and cleared out. 🙏🙌

Thankfullness; have you ever rested in it?

Turning Wounds Into Wisdom,

You Him and Her 💜