Truth and Freedom

One thing I’ve learned on my journey thus far is this: our spiritual freedom is found as we learn the truth about the lies that have held us captive. These are the moments in which love breaks through the darkness and the blinders begin to fall off of our eyes, revealing the sweet freedom that is ours to walk in.

There are spiritual forces at work that try to lure us into their world of lies. Once we buy into those lies, they create an atmosphere or subculture around us from which we live, operate, and see our lives.

Therefore, oftentimes, what’s going on outside of us reveals what’s going on deep within us. Whether it’s the news, social media, circumstances, our spouses, children, leaders, friends, the driver in the car in front of you, coworkers, or that person walking down the street, any of these can push our buttons and squeeze our lives like a toothpaste tube. It’s when we are under pressure that we see what is within us.

Is it anger? Control? Fear? Unforgiveness?

Or is it peace, love, joy, patience, and the like?

I recently resigned with my employer after many discussions regarding what needed to change in my department. I held a very important role within the company and sincerely loved the responsibilities I had and about 80 percent of the people I had the pleasure of working with. Instead of feeling fear when deciding to resign from that position, I felt joy and peace. Even though there are still pressures around me, I know that I have given my life and ALL its circumstances to Christ, therefore, I’m EXCITED to see what He has planned for my future endeavors and for my family. The enemy can try to lie to me and tell me that I don’t have value, I’m not smart, or that I made a mistake but since Christ is at the center of my life, I know that there was no mistake made and that I’m wonderfully made in His image. I am deciding to not live in the enemies lies.

What if I told you there’s a way to break free from the lies you’ve found yourself living in, that there’s a way to step into the truth that is wrapped in love, enabling you to create the culture of the kingdom of heaven inside your heart and around your life?

In some seasons it feels like a fight to step into spiritual freedom, and in other seasons there’s a beautiful ease in aligning ourselves with what is already ours in Jesus. It’s an ongoing process for each and every one of us and, of course, a very personal one. It’s a journey I hope we can share together. I believe I can help as a fellow traveler on the path of freedom.

Freedom from the lies is available to all of us through God’s Son, Jesus, and the gift of our helper and counselor, the Holy Spirit. We just have to be willing to do what it takes to partner with the truth and step into it.

Turning Wounds Into Wisdom,

You Him and Her 💜



Spouse Working on Their Off Day Again?

Listen ladies and gents, I know ALL about my husband working on his off days and the time it takes away from me and our children.

What I want to do today is just go to God in prayer to help my husband succeed in his work.

When he first started his new position it was difficult to adjust to. I was having terrible evenings, was upset, and felt pushed to the side. I no longer feel that way.

I started reading what God says my role is as a wife. I’m his helper. It took a few weeks to fully grasp and accept what that meant for me. But I did it because I want to be the best wife I can be to my husband and I want to please the Lord.

God has wired people to achieve and to be successful in their work. He gave us all strengths and gifts for a reason. This doesn’t just apply to men but to women, as well. However, the husband does feel more of the pressures to provide for the home. Men want to succeed in their work; in fact, if a man continues to fail in his work, he will probably struggle in every other area of his life, especially at home. I definitely do not want my husband feeling like he is failing. Therefore, I help him succeed by taking my prayers to heaven for supernatural help in his work and in himself.

I know a Lot about his job and what goes on every day. When he talks to me about it, I listen and then I ask him questions. Even though, it has, in the past, been talked about too much, I am still his number one fan and I am committed to my duty as his wife; being his helper.

If you struggle with your spouses job and the responsibilities they hold take some time to ask these kinds of questions:

· What is the biggest breakthrough you had this week or wish you could have this week?

· What do you want to see in your colleagues, employees, or your own managements way of work ethic and character, and how can you help improve them?

· What do you need to do in order to be able to spend more time at home?

And don’t stop here, expand on those questions. Ask your spouse questions that will reveal the specific ways you can pray to God on their behalf. Don’t just ask God to “please help my husband/wife at work.” Anyone could pray in that way, but only you have the heart to really uncover what you want to ask God to do for your husband/wife that would make them dance with joy. Pray specifically for those things.

Do you know what would mean the world to your husband/wife if it came true this year? This month? This week? Sadly, very few men/women have any idea about the work life of their spouse except when they aren’t home on time or they are working od their off day. Again. As you encourage their growth and success at work, the blessing will boomerang to your home as well.

Today, I am thankful for his work ethic and his growth. It is such a pleasure to see the man he continues to grow into each and everyday. And he’s able to grow because he can focus on certain aspects of his life without stress or nagging from me. Instead, my husband has a helper.

When your thoughts transform from your own and into God’s, this way of thinking becomes so much easier and even happens without you “thinking” about it. It’s an amazing feeling. I’m not mad, angry, stressed, or resentful. I’m able to go about my day with the feeling of fulfillment. I thank the Lord for giving that to me.

And may the Lord our God show us his approval and make our efforts successful. Yes, make our efforts successful!

Psalms 90:17 NLT

Turning Wounds Into Wisdom,

You Him and Her 💜