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This is a blog written by me, Her.

The first thing you should know is the meaning of my blog name – You Him and Her – so you can better understand where I am coming from. The “You” represents YOU, the reader. The “Him” represents God, our Almighty Father. The “Her” represents me.

It’s time to start self- reflecting, growing, and encouraging others in the process. If you don’t share your trials with others, how can you share how God has made you triumphant?

For example, I battle with Bi-polar Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, and chronic pain. I conquered drug addiction. I escaped an abusive relationship after 6 years. I also watched my mother die in 2015. I've gone through many, many more trials but have been triumphant and found ways to help others who have similar experiences.

In order to show God working in our lives and how He lives in us, we must first be brave and courageous enough to share our trials. When we know who we are in Him, we do not have shame; we are loved and given grace and mercy that is new every single day, Beloveds.

This is The Book of Her.

“Turning Wounds Into Wisdom” – Her 💜

One Goal to Healing

First goal in healing: To look back upon a healed wound and see it in a different way, because it has been healed and is no longer painful to look back upon. Turning Wounds Into Wisdom, You Him and Her 💜 Advertisements

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I Am All That You Need

If you aren’t reading the articles on His Kingdom Prophecy, you need to be because the prophecy is amazing!! Anyways, here is one of the articles that was written today. “I AM everything that you need,” says the LORD. “There is nothing absent, no missing elements, nothing incomplete. I AM […]

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