Hello, His Beloveds!

So as I was reading in Ephesians today, I started to have some questions. I then went online to do some research and see if I could find the answers to my questions.

I found some interesting stuff! I’m very excited to get my perspective together and then share what my questions are and how I see what and who Paul is. I never knew there was a “thing” with Paul. Some believe he is a false prophet and others are on the complete opposite realm.

This is going to be great to explore. Dig deeper into the Bible and Paul, himself. I can’t go further with Ephesians until I address these questions first.

Have any of you ever heard this about Paul? What are your thoughts? Comment or send me an email to youhimandher@gmail.com. I’d love to discuss this and I can’t wait to share my thoughts on this from what I’ve gathered out of the Book of Truth!

Happy Friday!

Turning Wounds Into Wisdom,

You Him and Her 💜


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